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Three Types Of Business Leads
Three Types Of Business Leads
Posted By - Dean Mcdonald
Category - Preston - Generating Leads



A business lead is a person who is involved with your brand that has the potential to become a paying customer or client.

You can have hot & fresh leads, warm & hopeful leads or cold and old leads.

It is best if you have consistent, fresh leads coming to your business and getting involved with who you are and what you do.

You bring in consistent, fresh leads through marketing efforts like ad campaigns and free opt-ins.

Leads are the leverage your brand needs to hit both your impact and income goals.

Letʼs discuss the three lead categories mentioned above.


3 types of business leads


1.) HOT Lead

- A person placed in this category is highly interested in your product or service. A fresh lead is considered a hot lead. They are brand new to who you are & what you do. They really liked what they saw from your ad campaign or free opt-in and so they chose to hang around for more value from your brand.

A hot lead would be doing the following things…
- liking & commenting on most of the social media posts you share
- sharing your content on their social media profiles
- replying & reacting to your IG/FB stories
- asking you questions through a private message or email
- buying your low ticket offers


A Business Lead image



2.) WARM Lead

- A person placed in this category is genuinely curious about your product or service.

A warm lead is hopeful that they could one day buy your product or book your service, so they are continuing to hang around our corner of the internet.

A warm lead would be doing the following things…
- liking your content, especially the personal posts.
- watching your IG/FB story content daily
- voting on your polls or entering your giveaways
- answering your messages when you reach out to them through private message or email
- join your FB group


Leads are leverage image


3.) COLD Lead

- A person placed in this category is simply sceptical about your product or service.

A cold lead is usually intrigued with who you are but not interested in what you do. They are probably hanging around your rand for the entertainment more than the educational value.

A cold lead would be doing the following things…
- following you across social media, but never interacting with your posted content
- watching your story content, but never saying or doing anything about it
- will read the private message or email you send to them, but will not reply back
- has bought a product or booked a service with you once before & has “grown-up & out” of what you sell & how you teach.

Those are the three key lead categories. I hope you found this blog post valuable!

How have you been gathering leads in your business? Is this method working well?

Are you looking to implement a new lead generation strategy? What will you try next?


Deans Sig



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