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Three Things To Do If You Want More Clients/customers
Three Things To Do If You Want More Clients/customers
Posted By - Dean Mcdonald
Category - Preston Local Business


Three things to do if you want more clients/customers

Are you disappointed with your current business results?

Do you want to create more demand for the products you sell or the services you provide?

In this blog post, you will find out how you can increase the number of clients you work with or customers who buy from you.


customers 1


1.) Pitch your offer again

– Donʼt worry if youʼre posting about what you offer too much or that youʼre being a bother. People have such a short attention span that even though you posted about your offer 24 hours ago, theyʼve probably already forgot about it. People see so much content each day, thereʼs is a chance they scrolled by yours and didnʼt even see you posted about an offer yesterday! Current marketing statistics estimate it takes seeing your offer an average of 16 times before an ideal customer or client will make the final decision to buy from or work with you. If you want more clients or customers, make more valuable offers!

2.) Apply childhood advice

– A huge component of the business is building relationships. As a child were you ever at the park and told to “run off and make a new friend?” We should make it a daily responsibility in our business to run off and make a new friend! You donʼt need to go to a traditional networking event to make this happen. You can utilize social media to connect with ideal clients/customers. You can make new friends through Facebook Groups, Hashtags or even Mutual Friends. 


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3.) Create consistent content

– Do ideal clients/customers know that you exist? Are you using social media to tell them about who you are and what you do? You canʼt make a mundane post only once a week and expect people to come knocking on your door, cash in hand. You need to convince your ideal clients/customers through consistent content why your door is the one they want to be knocking on for the product you sell or the service you provide.


If youʼre disappointed with your current business results, implementing these three things - pitching your offers, building relationships and posting content consistently will help create more demand for the products you sell/services you provide.

sincerely, Dean

Dean Sig




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