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Why You Should Make A Local Focused Facebook Group
Why You Should Make A Local Focused Facebook Group
Posted By - Dean Mcdonald
Category - Preston - Generating Leads


Do you want to continue growing your local small business?

Do you want to continue spreading your name in your local market?

If youʼre looking for a unique way to let your local community know more about who you are and what you do, continue reading this blog post.

I want to tell you why you should make a local-focused Facebook Group to help grow your business and spread your name in your local market.

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Creating a Facebook Group is easy enough to do.

However, you should have a vision in advance for what type of group you want to create and why you want to create it.

What is your Facebook Group going to be focused on and why would you encourage someone to become a member?

If youʼre reading this blog post, you are more than likely a local business owner who wants to continue growing your business and get more people in your community to know about who you are and what you do.

If thatʼs you, I want you to consider starting a Facebook Group focused on connecting people in your local community to the products and services of local small businesses.

You can accomplish this by creating a local giveaway show that only the members of your Facebook Group can participate in.


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On your show, you are going to give away products and services from local business owners.

You will have to do your due diligence to collect the products & services to giveaway in advance of your show.

To get started, make a list of ten businesses that you would like to participate in your first local giveaway show.

For example, if you write down the local Italian restaurant as one of your desired sponsors - take the time to go into the restaurant and ask to speak to the owner/manager.

Let them know about who you are and what you are doing in your local community. Ask if they would like to give away a £20  gift card on your LIVE show happening on X day and time. I would encourage you to even have a flyer with this information on it for them to review.

After you have collected the giveaways for your upcoming show, make sure to post in your group about what the members have a chance to win if they watch your show LIVE.

You will have to decide how your group members can win the prizes. What will they have to do to be entered into the raffle for each item?

Consider how your giveaway show can improve the business of local restaurants, shops and services!

A member of your group may win a gift card to a local Italian restaurant theyʼve never been to before. This gets them in the door of somewhere new they wouldnʼt have tried otherwise and they may love the meal so much they become a weekly visitor.

Now the restaurant has a new loyal customer all because they decided to participate and donate a $20 gift card for your giveaway!

They make their £20 back and now even more for their business because the winner keeps coming back for more Italian food.


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The businesses that participate in your giveaway show get to market their business in a unique way and the members get promoted in a fun way instead of a fishy marketing way.

I would encourage you to make sure your own small business is participating in giving away something on the show each week.


By starting a local-focused Facebook Group, complete with a giveaway show - you are going to become someone well known in your local community. People will easily recognize your face from the show.

Businesses are going to grow because of your group and families are going to get connected to more of what their community has to offer.

If you want help starting your local Facebook Group & giveaway show - contact me


Deans Sig


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